Predictive Maintenance

Poor asset maintenance can shorten the prodcutive capacity of a plant by 5 to 20 percent, leading to $50 billion unplanned dowtime cost each year. We predict unplanned faults in any type of manufacturing lines ahead of time using the latest advances in deep learning with close to zero false alarm rate helping you minimize:

  • Unplanned downtime costs
  • Backlog of backorders
  • Labor shortage due to job dissatisfaction
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Energy Optimization

We optimize all machinery that accounts for a factory's energy use with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. This will greatly contribute to your sustainability goals by:

  • Lowering energy consumption
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
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Inventory Optimization

Manufacturing supply interruptions are among the biggest manufacturing challenges. Storing the right amount of inventory is crucial to prevent backorders, overstocking and stockouts. We leverage deep learning to optimize your manufacturing supply inventory which:

  • Reduces inventory costs
  • Ensures manufacturing process is uninterrupted
  • Prevents backorders
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Predictive Quality

We will leverage advanced analytics to reshape quality management, fix quality issues before they happen and get you ahead of the curve by predicting the scrap rate using the existing process parameters, this will reduce:

  • Manual effort
  • Scrap rates
  • Customer complaints
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